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12" Single Side
Heated Roll Laminator

High speed laminator 12" Wide One Sided Laminator
90 Second Warm Up
Laminates One Side Utilizing Nylon Type Films
Unbelievable, Lightening Quick, Sustainable Thermal Response
Variable Speed Control, Reversible
Laminates thru 12 Point Stock (Index)
Competitively Priced
12"dia.+ Film Roll Capacity
Digital Temperature Display
Cooling Fans, (one set standard,)
Ultra Duty Welded Steel Stand Optional
Exclusive Micro Adjustable Slitter Assembly Optional
The Industry's Most Affordable Professional Grade Laminating Machinery

-Made In The USA- 


This 12” wide machine is specifically designed to flawlessly laminate book covers for the short run book industry. While producing a superb, curl free finish it is capable of speeds up to 16 fpm. It is designed specifically to laminate, curl free, one side, utilizing nylon films on 4 to 12 point stock. With a real warm up time of 90 seconds and thru-put capability in excess of 500 Covers per hour, profitable productivity can be expected while maintaining your competitive edge. The PL-1200xs is simply a 12" wide, single side, extreme performance, laminating machine in a package that will fit and fill the gap in your shop. Since this machine utilizes our exclusive, patented heated roll technology, you can expect your job to be done like no other, before no other.